Each Banana SIM refill is valid now for 180 days, divided into two time frames.

  • “In bundle” period, which starts from the moment you activate your SIM card or a refill and lasts 30 days, comes with a host of benefits, such as great tariffs and amazing BONUSES.
  • “Out-of-bundle” period, which starts right after the end of the “In bundle” period and lasts 150 days, in which the “Out of bundle tariffs” – although still attractive – apply.

If a refill is added, the period of validity will be extended until this new refill expires.

If you don’t refill your card once the 180 days of validity have expired, you can still receive calls and texts while in Luxembourg or EU, for another 4 months.

If you did not recharge in the meantime, at the end of this period you will lose your remaining credit. You can reactivate your card in one of our JOIN shops within the next 30 days, otherwise you will lose your number too.